Most guys won’t ask for help when they need it.  When they get lost, they’d rather drive around in circles than stop to ask for directions.  They insist that they can fix the pipe under the sink even though it’d be easier to call a plumber.  They believe they can push through their workout even though they’re sick.  Guys are stubborn, and even when they’re making mistakes, it’s human nature to keep making those mistakes until they learn the hard way.  When it comes to grooming, that’s not always the best course of action.  Most people won’t have the heart to tell you if you missed a spot shaving or your hair gel is dripping down your neck.  As with anything else, guys make some big mistakes when it comes to grooming.  With a little help, hopefully, you can avoid the following pitfalls.

Men Grooming Mistakes

Shaving Dry

It sounds painful but men are actually shaving their faces without any moisture or lubricant.  It’s a classic scenario.  You’ve hit the snooze button three times.  Now, you’re in a pinch and you’ve got to cut some steps out of your morning routine to avoid being late.  The thought of lathering up your brush just seems like a pesky task to complete when you’re in a hurry.  So, you grab your razor and have a go at your face without any other products.  This is awful for your face!  Without shaving cream or at least some type of moisture, you rip your hair out, instead of getting a clean shave.  You greatly increase your risk of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  And even worse, you could end up cutting your face.  It’s best to add a couple of minutes back into your schedule so you can avoid irritation down the line.

Body Odor

This one is a biggy and it can be tricky, as we can’t always smell ourselves like others do.

It can be a case of trial and error to find a solution for your manly sweat scents, from rolls on, to deodorant sticks, antiperspirants, and salt crystals. Always ask the opinions of your nearest and dearest. Wife, the girlfriend, or if you really want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, ask your teenage daughter! (if you have one)

If you are an excessive sweater, there are specialist products in the market place, or you can speak with your doctor about prescribed options.

Don’t ever try to mask unpleasant   B.O with excessive deodorant or aftershave, that generally ends up with an even more offensive smell!

Skipping Your Nightly Brush Session

You’ve just gotten home from a long night out.  You can barely keep your eyes open.  All you want to do is hit the hay but you haven’t brushed your teeth yet.  It’s probably okay if you skip it this one time, right?  Wrong.  So wrong.  When you head to bed without brushing your teeth, you’re creating ripe conditions for gum disease.  Plaque buildup hardens while you sleep.  Your gums start attacking it like it’s an infection.  You end up with inflammation.  If you skip it enough times, you’ll end up with some serious dental issues.  Not to mention, bad breath is right around the corner.  It only takes a couple of minutes to brush before bed.  Don’t sacrifice your long-term health or smile, for a few minutes of extra sleep.

Trimming Your Own Hair

Many guys are practical, and such, trimming their own hair or beard seems like an easy thing to do.  It saves you money and time.  However, it won’t save you embarrassment.  Barbers are highly skilled technicians who understand the nuances of a good haircut.  If it was so easy to replicate, they’d be out of business.  When you attempt to cut your own hair, you’re bound to make a mistake.  One side will be too long, the other too short.  The back will be a disaster.  Why go through the trouble when you can just trust the experts?

Wearing a Patchy Beard

Growing a beard requires extreme patience.  You won’t go from cleanly shaven bloke to Jon Snow in two weeks.  In fact, you’ll probably need to wait at least five weeks before you see any true significant growth.  During that time, your beard won’t be even.  If you’re lucky, it’ll grow nice and full.  But that’s like 1% of most men.  You’ll probably see patches and uneven spots in your beard as it grows in.  While this is normal – perfectly natural – you can take steps to make it look better.  Don’t just let it sit there.  Invest in a beard brush so you can control the direction of your beard growth and adjust some fuller hair to cover up the holes.  Also, be sure to use beard oil.  It’s not just a moisturizer; it also encourages healthy growth, keeps your beard hair detangled and makes it easier for you to style your hair right over those patches.

Nasty Nails!

Men’s nails are relatively simple to maintain. But the job we do can ultimately affect the way they look. Oil, dirt, paint and many other substances caused by manual labor, can all lead to unsightly nails, so it’s always good to have a deep clean. Take time to soak them, especially if you have a social function to attend. Shaking hands, holding a glass or just making gestures as you speak, will all draw attention to your hands and people will be very off-put if you look like you have just dug the garden with your fingers!

Keep nails nice, short and well-manicured. Definitely avoid nail biting!! Not only will this make you appear nervous, but stumpy fingers are also unsightly!

Skipping the Serum

Men are fortunate when it comes to lotions and potions, we can buy the same brand as women, (but with less fancy packaging and a more manly scent!) and this dictates that we can get pretty much purchase the same product for half the price! Sweet! Although so many of us still go without it!  As we get older we develop fine lines, bags, and thinning skin. We also suffer the effects of the sun, air conditioning, heating and other environmental changes that can cause our skin to dry. Simply using a moisturizer or serum once or twice a day can help to keep the skin looking supple and flake free.

Unruly body hairs

As we get older, it’s a cruel twist that the head on our head diminishes, yet we start to sprout unwanted hair from previously hair free orifices! (Ears and nose to be precise) These hairs, whilst absolutely normal, can be a great cause for embarrassment, but fear not you can purchase an ear and nose hair trimmer or a pair of tweezers (If you are brave!)  from your local pharmacy.

Eyebrows can also develop a mind of their own and whilst waxing them may seem a little OTT for some gents, you can always ask your barber for a quick reshape.

Men might be resistant to changing things they think have always worked.  But if any of the aforementioned issues are part of your normal routine, it might just be time for a change.