Why Necessary Sports and the Fitness


Many people believe that best teams that win any event are fittest, sharpest and strongest then others, while others believe that it only depends on how their brain functions to respond while playing any sports.

There are several levels and categories in which players are divided throughout their life, based on their performance and physical fitness. Few think that only these factors decide the player other believe that mental attitude also plays a vital role in the success. In this essay I shall discuss both the view, I believe it requires both physical fitness and mental approach to success in any sports event.

It is impossible to deny the fact that in any sports the physical fitness and mental health is required for success, anyone who is playing any sports, such as cricket, basketball, volley ball or any other, so for any team he is responsible for the results and he should be fit and healthy to respond to the situation that is why trainers and players spend more time practicing, exercising so that they get fit, build stamina and strength and fulfill the needs of a good player.

On the other side, it’s also a fact players can succeed with their positive behavior and mentality towards planning a good strategy for the event or game because game is not always repetitive game sometimes players have to follow their instincts more and utilize their brain to make some hard decisions which can eventually benefit their team. For example a cricket team player can have a height of 7 feet or can be a short heighted person, it doesn’t matter whether he is short because it’s the magic of his bat with he is playing, Shoaib Akhtar a Pakistani Right-arm fast baller of cricket team did wonders with his bowling skill he has a record of delivering ball at the speed of 161 which is also a world record, it is said that, he feels very comfortable to play even in every new pitch he is introduced to play without practicing on it day before the match. Furthermore it is said that he can read the players mind that is the reason he managed to take 8 wickets highest, he retired at the age of 43 which is also seen a high end age to play cricket but he kept himself fit and healthy because at this age people do not feel well to perform but he gave his full efforts and did that miracle, hence winning can be with dedication, cooperation, team spirit and positive metal attitude and approach towards the task or event in which players are participating.

Furthermore there are many players who have created world records with limitation of whether resources, support or severe physical limitations, there are many examples, Amy Deloris Van Dyken-Rouen is an American former competitive swimmer, Olympic champion, former world record-holder, and national radio sports talk show co-host she suffered from asthma from her childhood to adulthood she wasn’t a professional swimmer at her early age but doctors suggested her to start swimming to improve and strengthen her lungs to function with her condition accordingly and prevent future asthma attacks but managed to won 6 medals in Olympics through her carrier out of which four she won in 1996 summer Olympics, which made her the first woman to hold such record, She won gold in the 50-meter freestyle, 100-meter butterfly, 4×100-meter freestyle relay, and 4×100-meter medley relay and She was named Swimming World’s American Swimmer of the Year in 1995 and 1996.However life is always not fair to everyone, On June 6, 2014, Van Dyken was injured in a severe ATV accident that severed her spinal cord, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down but it was her mental approach and strong decision making that she continued to work as a co-host and do different talk shows and she also runs a foundation and fund raiser with the name of Amy dyken foundation that helps people which has history to spinal cord injuries.

Jeffrey Carl Blatnick was an American super heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler and sports commentator. He won NCAA Division II heavyweight wrestling championships in 1978 and 1979 and won the Olympic gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling in 1984 after suffering from an disease that doesn’t have any cure until now that is cancer it was his dedication towards his work that made him achieve those medals and become champion, another example is of a famous Indian cricket player. Yuvraj singh who once suffered from lung cancer came back in his team and was accepted to play with team that was the positive behavior of the team to let him in the team again.

To conclude I would say that physical fitness is important for every sports but mental approach, decision making is a combination of a successful sports person.


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