Why is Fitness important, its plan, and Nutrition


Fitness is a higher source of aspiration for living a healthy life. As man is busy in making wealth he has ruined his health, that type of man is in great loss because what he have earned will be spent on his health. But a man, who had spared some time for his fitness workout, will have healthy life and spared money too. Which he can spend on his luxuries needs and settling life well. A part from this a fit person is always capable of doing more in a fitted way.

Fitness help us to remain cool in behavior and strengthen our mentality. Abilities of making right decisions for the right time and body improves its functioning in all aspects. Muscles and bones become stronger and flexible to move faster. Balance and concentration also increases with fitness. Routine based physical activities and mental exercises reduce your risk of injuries, Improves your quality of life, save your money and it may improves your sleep pattern.

Fitness Plan:

It is scheduled set of exercises, which is being selected by the trainee to work out through the fitness plan. It is very much easy to develop and implement. A perfect fitness plan include self-analyzed exercise after judging self that what is better for me to do according to my age and BMI. Afterwards set goals and try to achieve them. Now it is very easy to develop a Fitness plan as numerous applications on IOS and Android cellphones are available. Which will develop a suitable and more fitted plan for you. Some applications are free and some are paid. If you can afford try the paid version it will work better for you. But one thing more, whatever you try, it is your choice. It is must for you to at least add these Primary elements in your Fitness plan for better and fast results.

Primary Elements for Fitness Plan:

Aerobic/ Cardiovascular

Muscular Development and Strength training

Stretching Muscles, Ligament, and Tendons

Core Stability

Nutrition and Supplementation

Mental Rest and Relaxation



The process of obtaining and consuming essential food for sustainable growth and health. Nutrition is about eating healthy and balanced diet. Food contains several nutrients and energy you need to be fit. For making food choice better, you need to understand nutrition terms, which will make ease for you in making nutrition plan and food choices.

 Some of the Nutrients:

  1. Digestion

It is process of breaking down of large food particles into small particles (Nutrients).Body gains energy and utilize these particles for growth and repairing cell and body tissues.

  • Enzymes

These are the body catalysts which hasten the speed of chemical reactions within body and also speed-up the process of digestion.

  • Nutrition

Nutrients are the small chemical compounds in food which are used by the body for proper functioning and maintaining health. Result of digestion process. For example: Amino acids, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Calories etc.

  • Amino Acids

These are the building blocks of the proteins. Body itself produces many amino acids and other may be opt from food too. Amino acids are absorb through the small intestine into the blood. Then it goes around the body with blood circulation.

  • Calories

Calorie is defined as the amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature of water per gram by 1 Celsius. We often find calories from food, which provide us energy in form of heat. So, that our body can function energetically. Our bodies’ store and burn calories as fuel. For making your body fit and healthy one have to count down the intake of calories, in order to prevent excessive and insufficient eating of calories. Even with this we can control our body weight.

  • Carbohydrates

A macromolecule, richest source of energy, It is an essential part of our diet. Carbohydrates have many important functions in humans, animals, and plants. It is mostly found richly in grain fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates are further classified as monosaccharaides, disaccharides and polysaccharides in subject to the number of monomers in the molecule.

  • Cholesterol

A chemical compound that the body requires as a building block for hormones and cell membranes. The 80% of the cholesterol developed within the body via liver and the remaining 20% we opt from dietary sources. For example, meat, fish, eggs, poultry and dairy products etc. 

  • Dehydration

It is the condition of your body, when you lose more fluid than you intake the water or fluid. And your body doesn’t have sufficient fluid to carry out normal functioning. So, you will became dehydrated.

Drink 5/6 liters water daily in order to get rid from dehydration. 

  • Fatty Acids

These are the building blocks of fat. Fatty acids have many important functions in our body other than energy storage. Body uses fatty acids to charge the cell in absence of sugar (as energy).


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