Why Fitness is for everyone and anywhere


Many people are not mentally fit, as well as physically because they don’t exercise on daily basis. If you are mentally or physical fit then you can easily do any type of work within minutes or within days because you are fit and mentally or physically fresh and energetic. In today’s topic we discuss about some fitness tips, to keep over body fit on daily basis.

In over society many peoples are playing games or go to GYM for fitness if you don’t have a spare time for these things so don’t be scared. There are homemade tips for fitness which will help you look healthy and fit. Even you can perform anywhere irrespective of place and facilities.

In spare time, we often indulge in social surfing online on many social applications and also used to play online games. Which are somehow affecting the physical and mental health in addition it also harms the eye sight of us. In this we are ruining our health and wealth without benefiting from it. In routine many games like cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis and so on. They all are daily routine games for fitness. If you are going to play these games will enjoy the real joy of togetherness and fitness too. Surely, you can fit yourself, by switching from software applications to real physical games.

 Variety of games have number of benefits, but in every game we move over all body parts like legs, Hands, Eyes and use Brain as well. With this our capabilities and functioning of the related body parts and body becomes more effective. All in all we remain fit and healthy.

In every sports man play different games and every game has its own training and drills to train its player. Player of crickets used to exercise related cricket fitness guide and training. Some are playing hockey they do exercise in daily routine associated to hockey and some play football they do exercises related to their game methods. This was about sports person who have selected to shine his country name by selecting the high goals they have special privileges than normal people. Because they are national heroes.

Now as everyman cannot be sports person, many have different jobs. Job is need to survive in socio-economic environment. There might be different job nature and different time schedule for the job. And the will to earn more sometimes don’t allow man to spend some time on healthy workouts. For example Doctor, Police personal, Labor and Businessman. People like these are often found worried about their health but unfortunately they cannot manage their life properly. Instead they have many choices and many tips available on Google, from where they can avail this guidance for being fit and looking cool.   

Here are some tips, which may help them.


Daily, early morning jogging 1mile, it’s better to do jogging in park. It’s very important for health.


Irrespective of the gender, male as well as female can run and do jogging. Running also have more benefits, but in morning time. Everyone want to look smart like hero. Some peoples have very high weight and Running is very necessary for high weight peoples because of running daily they can lose their weight in easily way within few days. But on one condition, you go to running in daily bases without any gape after few days you will look like a real hero. Every man needs good health and for this running is very important.

 Guideline for Running.

Step: 1

Warm-up your body by jumping.

Step: 2

After warming up your body, start running slowly (jogging) at least for 1 mile.

Step: 3

After jogging start running for few minutes or cover at least 600 meters regularly.

Step: 4

End up running with shoot for 100m to 300m distance.

Note: Before running do wear underwear. While running take breath from nose. Do not inhale with mouth, it will affect your stamina negatively. But if you will inhale from nose, your stamina will be increased with daily practice and exercise. With this your respiratory system will be strengthened. Not only this but your body functioning will be improved.


It’s for everyone. It doesn’t have any specific rules or regulations to do it. It can be done anywhere, even at your home, no matter how big or small house you have you can go with it without late. Yoga has capability to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Yoga is for everyone. Whether you are young or old, fit or fat.

Yoga is based on poses. You must have to learn these in accord to build yoga as habit. This is famous throughout the world. There are many famous poses which are practiced routinely. Some among those are here.

Downward-Facing Dog

Four Limbed Staff Pose

Tree Pose

Seated Half­-Spinal Twist Pose

Bridge Pose

Cobra Pose

So on, in later article we will discuss about more poses and will provide detail of all these poses.


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