What is Fitness and why it is Important?


Fitness is the word, about which we are very much familiar with, in every walk of life it is important for human being to live worthy life.

Definition of Fitness:

  • According to Oxford Dictionary one among best and reputable dictionaries of English language:

1-The condition of being physically fit and healthy.

      For example: Disease and lack of fitness are somehow related to each other.

2-The suitability and capability to fulfil particular task or role.

   For example: Likewise , when someone is going to be the part of any Public or Private sector, there is a Medical board who will assess his fitness for active service. If the Medical board found him fit then he/ she will join the sector for services.

  • According to Health Centre’s:

1-Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC):

According to (CDC), fitness is defined as capability to any task or role with zeal and vigor (potency) and activeness, without unnecessary lethargy.

This is not all about fitness. Fitness is very open topic and broader in view.

It means something different to each person, actually, it refers to someone’s optimal health and all in all wellbeing. Being fit does not only means physical health, but emotional and mental health too.

Text Box: “Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.”
			Thomas Jefferson

2-United States Department of Health and Human Services:

According to US Department of Health and Human Services, fitness is defined as “a set of characteristics that people poses or achieve that relates the potential to perform physical or mental activity.”

This definition of United States Department of Health and Human Services portray a real image of fitness, which is far greater than being able to run or lift heavy weights.

                   Importance of Fitness:

Today’s fast growing world, where man is at pace to compete in global market. He is busy in making money to become powerful. He do unrested efforts to be successful leaving health aside. Unfit people are always in wrath of several dangerous diseases, (in later articles we will discuss about the diseases and there solutions with fitness tips and balanced diet). And the power and wealth he/she has accumulated have no use for him/her. But in reality man cannot be powerful until and unless he is fit. A successful person is the one who has powerful body, mind and wealth too.

  • Fitness increases self-respect.
  • Fitness increases motivation level.
  • Fitness creates sense of self loving.
  • Fitness reduces the risk of death.
  • It also decreases the risk of injury.
  • Fitness is a source of controlled emotions.
  • Text Box: “Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace our security.”
			John F. Kennedy
Fitness improve your health level.
  • Fitness save your money.
  • All in all it improves your life quality.

Fitness have more importance than this, it is just start for knowing what fitness is and its prominence.

  • Some Fast Facts on Fitness:
  • Maintaining Physical Fitness.

It can help people to prevent some diseases.

  • Exercise and Workout:

A person can change its body composition without changing his body weight. But he can change his body weight in case of looking smart or fit.

  • Behavioral Goodness:
  • Stretching to flexibility:

It can ease in a number of medical complaints.

 There are many facts about fitness around the globe .We cannot mention all the facts in single article. So, after this article we will update you with more facts and fitness tips. Which will definitely going to work for you.

  • Types of Fitness

There are many types of fitness, among these two are the major.

The major type of fitness are;

  • Text Box: “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectuals’ activity.”Physical Fitness
  • Mental Fitness
  • Physical Fitness

Capability to do any task without undue fatigue is known as Physical Fitness. It signifies the well-being of people. There are several components through which we can know about people’s fitness.

  • Mental Fitness

It refers to state of mind in which we positively think, act and feel which improves our ability to enjoy the life. It contributes to our innate ability to be self-determined. It means keeping our brain and emotion in organized and pleasant manner.

  • Fitness components
  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body Fat Composition
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Motor Skill

Text Box: “A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths.”
										Steven Wright
The fitness components are large in number, and need detail concentration. In upcoming articles we will discuss more components, and will provide detail info regarding mentioned components. Also provide tips and examples for perfect workout.


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