Walking for Fitness and Healthy Life


Many Health, Fitness experts believe that walking is one of the best solution for our health related issues however, we are walking less, and we should consider it as a part of our daily routine.

A daily walk is most important part of maintaining a good health and physic for every individual. Yet, it is seen that young generation is even walking lesser than their parents or elderly people. I hereby am writing this article to highlight reasons behind this cause and suggest some good methods to encourage people to walk more and become healthy.

There are many reasons because of which people evade walking, yes everyone is living a busy life following a tough daily routine, people have ample of other works to do, rushing to work in early morning, coming back tired after working in office, driving our children to educational institutions, dealing with mental problems, driving more and walking less. Apart from that we do not walk because the car is always in front of us and we prefer it because we no longer have a need to walk. Hence they do not care about their health, fitness at all.

Whereas, many people who do want to walk but do not feel safe to walk is because pedestrians were not kept in mind while building many modern cities.

So to encourage everyone to walk different measures should be taken to make the path safer for everyone walking on the busy streets always filled with people and cars as the world is globalized so the native of a city when crosses by a person that he is not familiar with he feels different and reacts differently, they don’t want to engage themselves in hassles, other than that why someone would walk if they have to walk for a mile to the grocery store and for that they even have to wait or four to five times at red man light signal to cross the road to reach the shop, while their siblings who decided to use the car, reached the shop bought the needed items and came back at home  in one go. It depends on the government of every country to look into the matter, find solutions and alternatives for the betterment of the citizens, and also by preplanning the cities creating safer paths, pavements alongside ever road for the people who want to walk.

On the other hand, people should be given an awareness of the potential benefits of walking and becoming healthy.

As we walk it gives boost to different parts of our body, I-e brain, body fitness, our memory, blood pressure and generally every aspects related to a healthy person, this can be done in many ways and marketing companies are the ones who should be considered to do the research work, check in which part of the country there is a lot more need of awareness and government should fund the research and activity conducted by them because as they are the experts thy know how to attract people’s choice and behaviors to certain domain and products being introduced by different private organizations so they know who to convey this messages to the local residents.

This will not only reduce the effort of the governance as they already have a lot of work to do for the betterment of the country and leading different departments of the state so by not diverting their concentration towards this problem and takings steps, giving marketing companies to do this work will be a good initiative,

Hence, as these measures will be taken to motivate the people to walk the people should also be given different kinds of perks to enjoy walking, so by providing some basic benefits like building family parks near the apartments for locals to go and walk whenever want at any times and making sure the place is secure cctv cameras should be installed and  monitored by the local police departments officials, also subsidizing, giving them discounts on different things as if they want to join a gym, a certain percentage of the fees will be paid by the government, events are another efficient ways to promote and motivate people so by organizing events  every month, setting some tasks in the event to walk for example people are capable of walking of 5,6,7,8 miles respectively, however, the winner walks for 10miles and is only given the reward will be less satisfying for others,

Hence by giving rewards to those who don’t win will prove to motivate others too to try to be the winner in the next event, this will not only motivate to the elders but they will also spread the word to their young children to do the same thing that will not only benefit them in perspective of health but will also give them plenty of surprises, gifts and rewards from the governance.


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