Sugar Consumption VS Fitness


Nowadays, people prefer to drink more sugary soft drinks that contains a larger amount of sugar and are losing a healthy, fit life style.

  The world is now a global village and with the advancement of technology the food and beverages industries are doing their business worldwide with less efforts but greater profits, and sugar based drinks are one of those items that are added in almost everybody’s cart when going for shopping, are consumed at a larger scale and the need of it is seen increasing day by day in last few years. However people are unknown of the fact that it is causing some serious health problems for them, there are different reasons because of which people now are consuming soft drinks therefore I will discuss, suggest the steps to follow and reduce the chance of becoming unhealthy.

There are numerous reasons ways people are consuming soft drink more. Firstly, the main reason is the advertisement of these products at a larger scale. Secondly the organization who are producing such product have a separate budget allocated to their marketing department for the promotion of their product so they do not hesitate to launch different promotional campaigns, their expenses can be measured in millions just to target market the people to purchase their drinks. Moreover they advertise in different ways like advertising their product on television, newspapers and by hiring different celebrities as their brand ambassadors so when people see those people who they really want to become like, they don’t hesitate to have second thought about the product itself and its ingredients whether it is beneficial for the health or it is a harmful thing as a larger amount of sugar has a same effect as a poison has on human body.

Furthermore these sugar drinks contain different ingredients that are indirectly acts like a drug and people become addictive to them without knowing the real fact that why they want to drink it more and more, such as simple caffeine or tea, when we consume them we feel something that hits our minds and we feel some energy for a temporary period of time but we want it more so we stick to it.

Now, it has become a serious issue, so we have to deal with it as fast as possibly we can do because it is causing different health issues, such as diabetes, obesity, an increase in cholesterol levels, dental problems as these sugary drinks, strengthen the bacteria and damages our healthy immune system so it causes to develop disease in human body. Apart from that these drinks are likely to hit younger generation more because they children neither has proper information of the drink they are consuming nor can read the ingredients of those at certain point, so parents should also consider not to go for those drinks but the fresh drink such as, orange juice, banana shake, coconut water, milk and other freshly obtained juices that as easily available in the market and are affordable too. Hence the children who consider their parents their role model will possibly learn to act the same and living a healthy lifestyle culture should be promoted within our own homes first and then in the society.

On the other hand, firstly, government should consider imposing taxes on the companies who are selling these drink to discourage people from buying them because it’s also the responsibility of government to look into the matter because it’s a national issue and will cause a serious damage to the whole nation, secondly as the technology has advanced a lot they should create the awareness of the social media because it becomes more viral on social media and is seen by almost everyone on it, on internet and by word of mouth because considering the fact that there are many people suffering from poverty and are illiterate to read these signs so the word of mouth will also play a vital role in educating them in becoming fit and healthy. According to a research conducted it shows that the places where these drinks are consumed are restaurant and cinemas so instead of promoting these drinks they should promote the healthy and fresh juices from which society can be benefited.

To conclude this, I would say that there are many reasons why these drinks have become more famous than the fresh juices among the youngster but If the action will be taken against this so the trend will no longer exist in the future apart from that different seminars, training should be conducted by officials in schools, universities and offices to shape the  minds of people towards fresh juices rather than those sugary drinks and having a positive behavior this would eventually shatter the need of sugary drinks not rapidly but slowly and gradually everyone will understand that a healthy lifestyle and fitness is most important thing for their life


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