Importance of Old age and the Fitness


Many experts believe that, old people by spending time with others and by lending their hands in some activity or doing some exercises will not only allow them to get fit and healthier, but will also help them to spend their time with others and fulfill the space of feeling lonely and ignorant in the society we are living nowadays.

Nowadays, old people are suffering from many problems, whether its loneliness or lack of physical fitness in them causing them to suffer. In the past years it was seen that, old people used to live a healthy life but with the time these things has been changed too and there are plenty of different issues that are causing these to them. However by taking simple remedies and steps these problems can be overtaken but serious attention is also required.

Firstly, it’s the number of people in any family that matters a lot, nowadays people are adopting the new trend of living in small houses with their children and are called the nuclear families, and more and more people are turning towards this trend with the passage of time, this concept has nearly changed the way of living of people as a joint family except in some cases. Secondly today’s generations is not hesitating to leave their parent, grandparents at their native places that are small villages and start to live in metropolitan cities. Thirdly the gap between generations is causing a lot more disturbing situation between parents and children that leads the children to disobey their parents, many families are separating because of that.

Because of that negligence, love and affection old age people are losing their interest towards living a health life, On the other hand as this generation is spending more time at workplace, working an earning for themselves and for their families, that hardly leaves a time to spend with their families or parents, Moreover they now have forgotten their responsibilities towards their parents who made them capable of skills with which they now are living a better life but increasing number of old age homes in every country of the world is an example of the changing phenomena.

To tackle the problem, the government should take action and lessen the working hours of every office so that this generation have the time to spend with their parents, on the other side medical concerns are also very important and cannot be neglected at any level as we all know in many cities there are no open spaces. For example, any park where some recreational activities are needed to be done so that old age people can go for a walk, do exercise so it results the old age people to spend more time at home watching television and reading newspaper. To identify the problem unlike old days the cities now are very congestive and are overcrowded with people are cars, which is quite visible cause to everyone.

Hence to tackle the problem different measures should be taken, the people should start to live again in joint families because it’s not only good for their parents so that they can talk and mingle with their children but will also be helpful to their grandchildren that they will learn from their grandparents also the elders are considered the backbone of the family so by abandoning them will be an loss of an important asset and could prove a loss of something valuable in life, apart from that a new marketplace should be created and entrepreneurs should take it as an opportunity to invest as it has an open space in the market to be filled they should create some clubs and restaurants which holds different events for elderly people which includes different activities and exercise and medical camps should also be the part of those clubs to do test of those who come to those clubs and suggest them to overcome what they need to for living a health life. It will eventually be beneficial for the organization as well as for the people.

To conclude this, the reasons of old age people living an unhealthy life is the negligence, less social interaction, unavailability of the offspring’s time, love, affection creates a negative behavior of old age people and they develop characteristics, that are not good for their health, so if the offspring will pay attention towards their parents by following the old traditions of their elders can surprisingly uplift the chances of old age people to be active and be equally responsible for their fitness, also the lack of basic facilities, which it their basic right to be provided by the government of the state are crucially damaging their physical fitness and lifestyle, so if everyone is keen to play their part the old age people will live healthy life.


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