Healthy eating should be taught in schools


It has always been a debatable topic that, it should be priority of every school to teach the students the importance of healthy food and healthy diet to be fit, while others believe that parents are solely responsible to teach and guide their children to consume healthy food and healthy diet at home, which is also a part of living a healthy lifestyle.  

The need of living a healthy lifestyle is felt at an unimaginable growing rate that we can possibly imagine ever since the people adopt to live a lifestyle that can be said has a very little or no activity involved in. people are even evading going to work and doing their work at home that is also the reason obesity is increasing day by day and people are facing different problems regarding their health and body structure. On the top of that fast-food industry is also one of the factor causing the problem to grow because they not only deliver the food at home but increasing competition in the market has lessen the prices of the food and it now has become a priority of many people to consume fast-food rather than a healthy home cooked food. I believe it should be seen as a task to be accomplished by both the teachers and the parents of the children that will result in most effective way and children will adopt it as teenagers are ones who see and try to do what is said to them most of the time.

It is said that this should be a task for the teachers but the parents plays the main character in a child’s life as they consider parents as their role model for their life and follow the teachings of the parents other than that in every community the culture is different and parent teach their children to follow the norms of their culture and society, they follow more frequently to their parent’s advice, learning their gestures. For example, they smile when their parent smile. Hence parents are preferable, apart from that food consumption is very different the way we cook food with proper hygiene, control over diet maintaining the good texture of the food, how to eat either with spoon, fork or with hands so using the hygienic ways to eat food is also important, that influences, shapes child’s mind towards healthy food and regularly do some exercises and activity to be healthy and fit that is why parents should also show some personal interest to build the habit of consuming healthy food and follow the healthy lifestyle on daily basis, be fit and also demonstrate that to their children so they will follow the same activity. Studied have shown that the children who follow this activity and eat with their families are healthier and fit rather than those who don’t eat with their families. As a result of which many children many children are privileged to have lower the chances of obesity and be in good health,

 There are many cases that researchers have highlighted in their research conducted throughout the words and have mentioned in their studies with reference.

On the other side, people believe a teacher stands a better chance to guide the children than parents to be a role model for student as far their eating behaviors is seen, students learn to live the way their teachers tell them to, they listen to their teachers with more concentration. A teacher spend about 8 hours with the students regularly in the school so that time can be considered as most influential for the teaching to follow the healthy lifestyle. Hence a teacher who follow to live a healthy life style, eat hygienic food and do regular exercise or some activity to tackle obesity and be fit has a positive impact on the students too. Furthermore, most of the time it is seen that some parents who never went to school and are not educated enough don’t know about the healthy life style so this activity will also help them in learning the process of living a healthy life.

In my opinion neither parents nor the teachers should ignore that, it’s not their responsibility to teach their students, children how to live a healthy lifestyle. They both should consider it their responsibility to teach the children because with more participants and the efforts that will be easier to fight obesity and if both the teachers and parents acknowledge that it is their duty the more betterment of society will be done, a little effort from both the sides is required.

To conclude this, I would like say that living a healthy life for the young generation is very important now a days, and both the teachers and parents should work together implement their way of teaching so that a whole community can be benefited.


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