Healthy Activities to lose weight


A research conducted show that there are many activities that are good for health and fitness. Despite knowing that people are following unhealthy activities that is damaging their health.

It’s a fact that with the advancement of technology people are now more aware of anything that should be in their knowledge for their good. Despite that they continue doing the activities that are not good for their healthy lifestyle, I therefore writing this article to look into those activates, causes and will suggest some the remedies that could attenuate the problem of people.

The utmost reason for people to ignore the healthy activities is because of the fast moving world as now a days people know that workout and exercise is good for their health but they are always in a rush to reach their workplaces and can’t manage to do the healthy exercises that are beneficial for their health and fitness, they are always running to earn more and live a luxurious life and in that they forget to live a sedentary lifestyle. They are walking less and using motor cars even when they have to travel for small distance and are eating fast-food and ready to cook meals to make their taste buds happy.

According to science fast-food includes many fat elements in them, such as salt and oil that they use frequently on daily basis but lower hygiene factor because that makes the cost low for the seller so that food is also very cheap, easily available within no time many restaurants freeze their products and put them in freezer for many days and just defreeze and give it to the customers in no time and is called ready to cook meal as it doesn’t take a lot of time because it is already boiled or partially cooked before, so a little spice changes the taste and customer doesn’t feel that its fresh or not. Apart from that there are many other activities that are not good for health people smoke drink alcohol they know that it’s not good for health but it’s kind of a sign showing social status in certain communities or to just eliminate negative thought and lessen the stress levels.

Hence this problem can take a lot of time and effort because its people’s own decision of doing these unhealthy activities, our habits are how we build our lifestyle, they vary from person to person depending on their common belief so the problem is with our thinking how we thinks about the activities we are doing and the good thing is that we can change it by doing it on regular basis. Most of the time we just have to start as some push is needed to our brain a kind of triggering activity that will eventually help our brain to think about completing it such as a task so our government should take steps and make people aware about the health benefits of doing those good activities. For example people should join gym and costs of the gym will be covered by the government this will encourage to come and do exercise, while different training sessions should be held for those people to change their lifestyle and follow the healthy way of living there is an perfect example for everyone, Denmark has the largest bicycle track in the world based on 19000 kilometers which now has changed the behavior of people and they are now using bicycles for short distance throughout the country this trend is being followed by most of the people that includes youth and even old age people.

A health fitness trainers can guide people about their body, physic it’s not just that you have to maintain your body weight but the calories that you burn on regular basis and you have to manage those for your body to functions properly as man burns more calories between 2200 to 2500 a  day they need to look for the food that provide those calories that are needed by their body and these things can’t be overlooked because if someone lacks in providing these to their body, it will weaken their body, immune system as we know that our immune system is like an anti-virus of our body that automatically fights any kind of disease that enters in our body other than most people now are not sleeping in night that also is a alarming situation because when we sleep our body rejuvenates itself but without it we fall in different health conditions such as we feel exhausted more, cough, colds, headache, fever and even more dangerous situations which is why proper diet and exercise is a healthy way of  living a good life.

To sum up, I would say that people are involved in unhealthy activities that hit their healthy life, yet I believe if they will be encouraged and motivate to follow the healthy way of living life they will change their way of living.


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