Fitness need for armed forces and the community work


Many people believe that, it is beneficial for everyone if young generation serve to the army other believe young generation who are fit and healthy should do the community work for the betterment of society.

Serving in armed force is one of voluntary act that is being followed in most of countries by young generation because of their health and fitness, on the other hand it is being considered a compulsory act in some of the world’s countries, such as Mexico and Iran.

However this decision is very beneficial for the people but whosoever doesn’t want to opt it has another noble option to choose which may be alternative that is community service which is also for the betterment of the society and young generation can take benefit from it

In the times of war enrollment in armed forces was compulsory but had many advantages. Firstly every young person can grow healthy physical and mentally and enjoy better health. Alongside that they have fresh mind so they can think of working in team and can improve abilities to get along with all other and can even learn to overcome those problem that older cannot, they don’t feel depend and are self-reliable and self-confidence is built in them which is what is required in the field other than that they do not need to narrow their circle they can’t be introverts so they expand their social circle with people from around the country because this field recruit everyone around the country and they live together in the camps. Moreover they will be reliable and important factors for a community when they return civilian life. Furthermore it is not possible that officer who are working in armed forces are very efficient, focused, disciplined and brilliant to manage their time its because of their daily routine that they use to follow when they live in camps they become so strict to follow their norms that they sometimes only thing about that they are only doing it well enough, Moreover they can join armed forces for their whole life if and only if they want which also indicates an impressive impact on their reputation in their surroundings, However some people can’t live that life because it’s a hard life to live, mainly because of the stress level that many can’t take and then turn towards community services as their fitness levels are way more better than older people they can work accordingly.

As many of us might not know the in depth meaning of community service, it can be defined in simpler words as its work done by any person or many people together for the betterment of other but not for their own selves, sometimes it’s done in near neighborhood where you live so your own people get the benefit from it or sometimes you choose to help others in their work in their area, such as The Government sometimes calls for voluntary work at the beach to clean the beach this activity is a voluntary acts and younger generation who are physically fit comes in groups to do it, however if this task is assigned to older people, not only it will take time but the effort too, not because they show laziness but the age is factor that matters in these kind of activities. No one gets paid in that activity it totally a voluntary act. Furthermore there are some Organizations working to help as many needy people as possible so what they do they make small groups of young fit boys and assign them the tasks, such as one of the many groups has to ask for the clothes that are in good condition but you are outgrown and can’t wear them so you can donate that the group motivates people to not to through those clothes to garbage but give it up for a good cause most of the time this activity is promoted in schools and colleges to donate to the shelters where needy people are being called out to get the stuff of their need an organization named “Goodwill and Salvation Army” is an perfect example of the community work and services they run these clothing drives throughout the year, other than that they collect the left food which is left but is worthy of eating by people they collect and deliver it at the food bank but not only that they also encourage to donate the toys for the children of poor people, they say that it there is some horse a beer a beanie babies stored in your store room and getting dust you can donate it even we can come to pick it up from your house it any suitable time you want, which is also a good gesture shown to people by them which directly turn the people towards them.

Hence both the sides, whether it’s military and a civilian doing community work requires you to be a healthy and fit person because if you are not physically fit you cannot do the work properly


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